Special Needs Trust

What is it?

Legal plan with someone you trust to protect the assets and money of a person with a disability.

A Special Needs Trust can protect money or other property (like a house or car or other things a person owns) from being mismanaged or counting against government benefits. A Special Needs Trust is a legal plan and account for placing funds and other assets in the control of someone the person with a disability trusts, called a “trustee.” The Trust may protect a person’s assets without requiring that a court declare the person “incompetent” (unable to make choices). A trust is a place to save extra resources and money without losing state and federal benefits.

How do I learn more?

You should get help from a lawyer if you want to set up a Special Needs Trust. If you would like more information or want to talk to a lawyer contact Disability Rights Tennessee call 1(800) 342-1660.